Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Restaurant Review - Sheridan's UNforked

So, hubs and I had some time to ourselves last Friday (Nov 4) and decided to check out one of SoJoCo's newest eateries - Sheridan's UNforked

Sheridan's Unforked on Urbanspoon I admit, other than seeing the menu online, we had no idea what we were walking into. The online menu made it clear that tacos and burgers were the focus. I also thought it was fun that they served beer and wine. Being a life-long Kansas girl, beer and liquor usually means bar and grill. However, this isn't the case with UNforked.

First impression as we walked in the door is that I am standing in a mash-up of Gates BBQ and Smashburger. We arrived around 1:30pm. Surprisingly, for a weekday, there were a few people ahead of us in line, and several more filed in after we stepped inside. The menu is a nearly floor to ceiling affair featuring local ingredients alongside local spirits. Unfortunately, we were not familiar with the menu and felt rushed to make decisions.

After hearing the cashier explain to another patron that the tacos were very small, hubs decided on 3 different tacos: the BFF, Conquistador and Fundido Sirloin. He accompanied his meal with 2 $1 6oz Boulevard American Pilsner - this ended up being a full 20oz pour. Our first surprise came when we received our $26 total. Are you kidding me? This better be spectacular food.

I went a little less exciting with a single hamburger. They offered their UNspread for the burger, which I accepted - but on the side. I also ordered some K Frieds and a "solo sip" of Black Box Malbec. Solo sip = a healthy 6oz pure - jsyk.

We were given a notification box and sent on our way to find our table. However, the cashier didn't explain why we had the box or how our food would be delivered. Thankfully, we are relatively observant, and so watched what other patrons did when their notifiers went off.

We chose a high-top table near the kitchen and we sat ourselves. Looking around, I can only describe the dining room as noisy, annoying and distracting. There is really nothing to look at - suspended bubble lights, the typical open ceiling, oh - and I can't forget the flat screen TVs blaring whatever Soap Opera is on in the afternoons. Seriously, Soap Operas? I haven't watched one in years and honestly thought they had all been cancelled. Major ambiance fail.

The tables are metal, adding to the cacophony in the rock walled dining area. The bus boy tossed metal chargers into a metal bin. You get the picture. Oh, and check out the image I posted of a wooden fork on a block. Anyone know what this is for? Neither did we.

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We watched the kitchen staff through the low glass window/wall partitioning the kitchen from the dining room. Now, I am all for seeing the kitchen in action, but would ask that the owner be aware of what he is showing. We watched staff grazing on ingredients, scraping misplaced sauces off of plates and attempt to pour ice cold beer into a room temperature pint glasses. There are just some things you don't want to see in the kitchen.

Our food looked great. Hubs grabbed some extra sauces and ketchup and we dug in. My hamburger tasted good, though the bun was falling apart and the meat was paper thin (think Winstead's burger, but thinner). The UNspread is hard to describe. Maybe a chipotle mayo mixture? The fries were a major disappointment. I can fully describe them in 3 words - small, greasy and room-temp. Hubs requested organic ketchup (as noted on the menu), but was sent to the soda machine area for some Heinz. He took another approach and asked the bus boy, who was able to obtain a little ramekin of the organic stuff on our second try. Hubs enjoyed it.

I had bites of 2 of hubs' tacos. They both had good flavor, but were also room-temp. Nothing that we ate was hot or even warm, which was very odd. Hubs was not happy with his tacos - and I was disappointed that they were plenty big enough to have ordered just one.

I haven't really come up with a rating scale, so maybe I will edit this later. Overall, I didn't like the concept, the food or the atmosphere of UNforked. The prices, ambiance and food quality are lacking. I highly doubt we will go back. It might be a nice date destination for High School kids, but not at all what I look for in a Burger or taco joint.

UNforked is UNappetizing.

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